Why Vyatka

Managing company

The Vyatka indystrial park managing company is responsible for ensuring the effective operation of the industrial site, providing high quality services to residents and guaranteeing the industrial park development concept.

The managing company’s core objective consists in the creation of the most business-friendly conditions for industrial companies on the territory of the industrial park by means of providing them with high-quality services.

About Vyatka

The Vyatka industrial park is a modern industrial site for the placement of effective high-tech production in a variety of industrial sectors.
As a universal industrial park, Vyatka IP singles out the following priority areas for development and cooperation:

  • biotechnologies in the agricultural sector;
  • food production;
  • agricultural processing;
  • agricultural machinery production;

Vyatka IP Infographics module:

  • 80 ha Total area
  • 16 MW Electricity
  • 11,7 th. m3/hour Gas
  • 761 m3/day Water
  • 5 billion Rubles Residents’ investments
  • 500 million Rubles Tax payments per year
  • 16 investment projects
  • 3,7 billion Rubles Residents’ aggregate revenue


Head of the Mamadyshsky municipal district 

Address: 23/33 M. Djalil str., office 300, Mamadysh, 422190

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Phone: (85563) 3-15-90, 3-14-84

E-Mail: anatoly.ivanov@tatar.ru, sovet.mam@tatar.ru